My name is Jess and I'm just your typical creative strategist, foodie, cat-lady. I like to make things, do things, explore things, learn things, analyze things, design things, present things and cook things. I'm a planner, an organizer, a mastermind, an Instagramaholic, a Mac, a Sagittarius, a tourist, a cupcake enthusiast and a Ravenclaw. Learn more here.

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As a designer, I think visually and usually pretty out there. I have an eye for detail and judge restaurant menus by their typeface.

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Insight is life. Translating numbers into effective and meaningful creative frameworks, visually and verbally, is the ultimate win-win situation.

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I can crunch some data like nobody’s business. Big data, small data, red data, blue data. And let’s be honest - I’m Asian, so I’m good at math.


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